October addictions...

Firstly, I'm well aware that I didn't do this last month. I won't lie to you, blogging is another item on the huge list of things I haven't had the time to do. But I have been incredibly busy, and ill for that matter. When I've not been coughing my lungs up, I've been trying to set up my new laptop (long story), attempting to get my uni work done, and learning the ropes at my new job. Having the time to find new addictions has been a bit of a challenge in itself. But don't fear, October addictions is here, and I promise a November one is on the cards. I'll try not to be so lazy next month!

American Horror Story: Coven - Confession, I haven't watched the first two seasons, Murder House and Asylum. I didn't want to. I don't see the point in scaring myself stupid, especially considering that I mostly watch TV shows before I go to bed. Luckily, the seasons are all stand alone, so you can take each one as an individual storyline. Coven intrigued me, and it's just so good. The plot was so twisted, that half the time I was completely confused about what was happening (although it does eventually all make sense); while the other half I was screaming at the TV in disbelief at how disturbing it all was. If you've seen it you probably know exactly what I mean. I was slightly horrified by some of the stuff that happens, such as the mutilation of slaves. It was a bit tough to watch, but completely necessary to the plot. Plus I've always had a bit of a girl crush on Emma Roberts ever since Unfabulous and Aquamarine, and now I can safely say I completely idolise Jessica Lange as well. She totally kicks ass.  Also, American Horror Story is created by the same guy who created Glee...let that one sink in....
Yankee Candle - Vanilla Frosting - I've had my Yankee Candle for months and months now, but now that the evenings are drawing in earlier (sad face), I've been lighting it more than ever. There's something quite atmospheric about lighting candles when the sun goes down earlier, romantic almost. The vanilla frosting scent is my absolute favourite, it's sweet and sickly, but gives my room a boost to make me feel more refreshed. Plus it helps to get rid of the this-house-has-been-rented-many-times mixed with painted-over-damp smell.

Benefit 'That Gal' primer - Being so down and ill recently has taken its toll on my skin, big time. I looked every bit as grey as I felt, so with nothing left to lose (except a huge dent in my savings), I went to the Benefit counter in John Lewis in Southampton, begging for a makeover. I made a few purchases, including a concealer and another powder box (I have 5 now, it's getting slightly out of hand), and the That Gal primer. It really gives my skin a bit of a shimmer and glow, with just enough hint of colour to liven my skin up. You can wear it under foundation or alone, but either way it makes such a difference. Completely worth it.

Taylor Swift: 1989 - I know this only came out yesterday, but I've had it on a continuous loop since. People had Taylor Swift down as a one-trick pony, a typical country singer, so what does she do to mix it up? Drop a pop filled album of joy of course. And it's every kind of amazing. When Shake It Off  was released, I'll admit I was initially completely against it, but it grew on me. So far my favourite songs are Welcome To New York, Style, All You Had To Do Was Stay and Wildest Dreams. I would definitely recommend this album to everyone who needs something to lift their spirits, and I'll be damned if this isn't the number one album this coming weekend.
Much love

Stop trying to set me up....

I've been single for nearly a whole year now, and honestly, it's not really bothered me that much. After my last break-up, I decided to enjoy all the things life had to offer me, and I've not regretted it at all. However, being single hasn't escaped the notice of family, friends, and pretty much everyone really. For some unknown reason, it's become the topic of many awkward conversations, with many people asking why I'm single (which if it isn't code for 'what's wrong with you?' I'll be damned). So since when was being single for a year such a big problem?

Being single is great, there's so much you can do without having to consider a significant other in your life. You don't have to worry whether you're spending too much or too little time with them, if talking to other guys bothers them, or if you decide to hang out with your friends instead of date night. It's amazing, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, all on my own terms. I don't have to spend my money on other people, or feel guilty when people spend money on me. In every sense, I am completely independent for the first time in my life, especially now I'm renting a house as well, and I love the freedom I have. Why on earth would I give all that up?

Whilst some people (and quite rightly so) don't care about my relationship status, others have made it their soul mission to find me Mr. Right. Stop trying to set me up! It'll never work. I'm far too picky with guys, and seriously, if you know my dating history, I think it's fair to say this is a privilege I've earned. Why waste my time with someone if I know it's not going to last? I have far too much stuff to do in my life without wasting my time on guys who aren't worth it. I think that deep down there's too much of an old romantic in me to waste my time floating between guys if I'm not sure they're right for me.

I'm not saying that if the right guy came along tomorrow that I'd say no, I'm a true believer that the universe will sort something out eventually and that love will happen when it's meant to happen. There are definitely times when I feel a bit lonely, and having a boyfriend would be wonderful. But honestly, I'm alright. The world isn't going to end just because I don't have someone to go home to every night, or someone to text all the time and curl up to on the sofa. As great as these all are, it's hardly my biggest priority in life at the moment.

And for the record, no I'm not going to try online dating/tinder. No, I won't be a crazy cat lady. And please for the love of God don't tell me 'there's plenty more fish in the sea', and that 'I need to put myself out there'. No. No. No.

I'm a single lady who is happy doing whatever I want; not some sad, lonely damsel in distress who needs saving and setting up with someone. That's not how it goes. So stop feeling sorry for me. I'm fine honestly.
Much love

The many stages of being ill...

Winter is coming - and it's coming with a vengeance. I'm convinced that this winter might actually kill me, I've been ill for a solid month now, and my days are feeling very numbered. I've spent days struggling through uni and work, and then there's the whole Ireland creepy out-of-hours doctors incident to consider. It's safe to say I've had a rough time of it all, but as D:Ream taught me, things can only get better.

I warn, this may be complete overshare, and if it makes you feel slightly disgusted, I'm sorry.
The "I'm fine, I promise" stage - Ah the denial. You'll lie and try to convince everyone that it's just a passing moment of madness, but deep down you know that you need to rush to Boots and stock up on everything they sell pronto. Life will struggle on as normal, but not for much longer.
The "Could I BE making anymore mucus" stage - You've been blowing your nose for two days straight now, and you're certain you've blown out your entire insides within that time, so where the hell is it all coming from? The human body is a remarkable, yet disgusting, machine, and when you're ill you'll be amazed by the crazy things your body does.
The "I need to eat everything I have in the kitchen" stage - Junk food is the vice of every ill person. Cooking is far too much effort, when you're ill you definitely do not have the energy to slave away making the healthy dinners your body deserves. It is now more than ever you will order takeaways, and eat chocolate and biscuits as if your life depends on it.
The "I'm just gonna lay here and patiently wait for death" stage - When all else fails and life gets you down, all that's left to do is curl up in a ball and pray for the end to come.
The "I can't do this, I'm gonna get up and go something to make myself feel better" stage - When a moment of courage strikes, and you decide you can't live your life like this anymore;

which is shortly followed by the

"I should've stayed in bed" stage - You give up, you're ill and everyone should definitely feel sorry for you.
If you're ill. I hope you feel better soon, and if you're not, good luck. It'll get you.
Much love

20 things to do before you're 20...

So a couple of days ago I reached the big 2-0, and officially reached a new era of adulthood in my life. My teenage days are long gone, although I certainly don't feel any wiser for it. It shouldn't be this difficult for me to get my head around, being 20 now, but I don't really want to grow up yet. I'll admit I'm very pessimistic and cynical of everything, but to me, it's all downhill from now on. On a much cheerier note, I had an incredibly lovely birthday, courtesy of the wonderful ladies I live with. I had cake, bowling, confetti and amazing presents, followed by a great night of getting smashed in the Student Union.
So with 20 being such a whacking great landmark of life, I felt it necessary to mark the occasion with my very own list of things everyone should do before they hit their second decade.This is purely just a suggestion for a bit of fun.
  1. Had their first kiss.
  2. Gotten so drunk they can't remember what happened.
  3. Go on holiday with your friends.
  4. Stay up all night (and essay writing doesn't count!)
  5. Go see a band live.
  6. Learn to drive.
  7. Splash out on something expensive for yourself.
  8. Face a fear.
  9. Take time out for yourself, you're a human not a machine!
  10. Have a long conversation getting to know a stranger.
  11. Try something new, whether it's a hobby or food.
  12. Get obsessed with a TV show, and watch every episode.
  13. Discover what your drink is. (Mine is either Vodka/Coke, Cider or Tequila - mood depending)
  14. Get a job, whether it's your dream job or just because you need the money.
  15. Love your body, because it's the only one you're gonna have.
  16. Watch every Harry Potter film.
  17. Get down and dirty (My terrible attempt to avoid saying 'sex', I have family who read this!)
  18. Try to save some money, the adult world is expensive and you can't rely on parents forever.
  19. Ditch things in life that make you feel negative.
  20. Tell your family and friends how much you love and appreciate them.
So there it is. I really won't judge anyone if they haven't done everything, Lord knows I haven't, but I'll keep you guessing as to what I've done or not.
Much love