Englishman in New York...

So earlier this month I got back from a truly incredible week away in one of my favourite places in the entire world; New York City. To say I was completely spoilt is an understatement, my parents joined forces to pay for the trip for my 21st birthday present, and I was treated beyond belief. So much good food, many little adventures, and plenty of my favourite activity - shopping.
So to subtly brag about how much fun I had, and so I can reminisce about how much I love New York (please take me back, I'm a New Yorker at heart!), here are all my favourite pictures from the trip as well as some little anecdotes and short summary's of what I got upto.

Day 1 - Arriving, Top of the Rock.
On the first day, after being awake for too many hours to count, I dragged my acrophobic mother up the Rockefeller to the 'Top of the Rock'. The view was incredible, and it was so warm that even though we were so high up, I was only in a tshirt!

Day 2 - AMNH, Central Park, Times Square, Planet Hollywood
After a good nights sleep, I hailed us a cab (One of my proudest moments!), and we went up to the American Museum of Natural History. It was huge! So many animals, so many exhibits, so much walking. We were there for hours, but it was a day well wasted. We then went on a long walk around Central Park, where I managed to get us completely lost. Luckily, thanks to a Park Ranger we managed to figure out where we were (we were stood next to the castle I was looking for...I'm such an idiot!), and I even managed to get us to the Alice In Wonderland statue, which is one of my favourite spots in the whole world. Later on in the evening, we ventured to Planet Hollywood for dinner, and enjoyed an evening in Times Square (and mostly in the MAC store!)


Day 3 - My birthday, SATC, Wicked, Ellen's
The third day was my 21st Birthday! I dragged mum on a Sex & The City tour, which was absolutely hilarious and incredible. One of the *highlights* was having my skirt tucked into my tights whilst on the tour for a good 20 minutes before some woman put me out of my misery and pulled my skirt out. So embarrassing! Mum bought me birthday cupcakes in Magnolia Bakery and I wished to come back. I took mum to Ellen's Stardust Diner, somewhere I'd been before on my last visit to the Big Apple, which is a diner where all the staff sing and dance whilst you eat. It definitely set us in the mood for Broadway! Later in the evening we went to go and see Wicked on Broadway, which completely blew my mind! It was such an incredible show! I would definitely go and see it again...and again, and again, and again!

Day 4 - Empire State, Madame Tussuad's, Times Square Again
On a slightly greyer fourth day in the City, I dragged mum up another skyscraper, this time the Empire State Building! We could see for miles, and even though it was incredibly windy, we got some great pictures. As the heavens began to open, we ran for shelter in Madame Tussuad's for the afternoon, and had a great time 'celeb spotting', and taking pictures which our future husbands... Then it was back to Times Square again to finish the shopping we started earlier in the week!

Day 5 - Fifth Avenue, Tiffany's, Grand Central, Fly Home
On our last day, we went for a walk up Fifth Avenue, stopping to take pictures at iconic spots such as the Rockefeller where the ice skating rink and Christmas tree is usually put. We walked up to Tiffany's where mum quite rightly treated herself! Stopped by Grand Central for a spot of lunch, before we sadly had to leave the city to catch our plane back.


I miss New York so much, I really felt like I belonged there, hailing cabs and running along the sidewalk in heels. If anyone would like to pay for me to go back it would be greatly appreciated!
Much love 

Go with the Flo...

I've been running around all over the place in the last few weeks, and I think it's probably time for a little catch up! So just what have I been upto recently?
I went to go and see Florence + The Machine (again), and it was one of the best nights of my life.
I was one of those people and went early to queue up for the front row, which was a whole saga in itself, and met up with the ever so lovely Katie and her mum. After a mad dash through Ally Pally, we managed to get exactly where we wanted, just off centre at on the barrier, and it was just absolutely incredible. Florence came out, walked along the front and greeted everyone, holding my hand (!!), then went up onto the stage to give us the best show I've ever seen. She really believes in and feels the passion of the music, and it completely connects with the audience. Every soul in the room felt they were experiencing a personal moment with Florence, which was outstanding considering how packed out the venue was. I got to help hold her up in the crowd as she sang Rabbit Heart, and got completely showered with glitter as she poured an entire bag of it over our heads. Best. Night. Ever.
(Katie and I on the Front Row)
(Florence pouring glitter on us)
(The view from where we were..)
I went to go and see Eliza And The Bear in London.
You're probably thinking, who? But you should check them out. They're a little bit indie (think Mumford and Sons), crossed with a little bit of rock (think Twin Atlantic), and you'll get their sound. The venue was a beautiful place called KoKo in Camden, which wasn't very big, and felt very personal. The support acts were also really great, Viola Beach and especially The LaFontaines, who blew the roof off the place. After the gig we got to meet the lead singer of The Lafontaines, as well as some of Eliza And The Bear, whom we got some brilliant pictures with...

(Em, Jess and I with some of Eliza And The Bear)
(Em and I with the lead singer of The LaFontaines)

I went and saw Micheal McIntyre in the O2 arena.
Em and I had had these tickets booked for nearly a year and a half, but we finally got around to going to see Michael McIntyre in London. He was absolutely hilarious, some of the jokes he told were so funny I was on the brink of tears. They filmed the night for the DVD, so I can't wait to relive it all over again. I was definitely in need of a good night out with lots of laughs, and he didn't disappoint!

(The view from our seats, so high up!)
New York City.
Lucky little me got completely spoilt with a trip to NYC for my 21st with my mum, which was one of the best weeks of my life. So much good food, shops, shows, trips, I don't know how I'm functioning now I'm back. I wish I could be a New Yorker for life. I'll fill you in with all the stories and pictures from this next time (I'll try not to brag too much).

Much love