So many addictions...

Guess who's back!

That's write, I'm blogging again, and I promise I won't leave you all for so long next time, okay? I fear I also may have left you all in the lurch with the complete lack of addictions recently, but not to worry, it's time compile the ultimate addiction list! To make up for the fact it's been months since I last did this, I've covered everything I've been addicted to since October (yes, it really has been that long!!) Everything on the list has been tried and tested by yours truly, and comes complete with my seal of approval. So go on, indulge yourselves.
Tattoo's After Dark - Now I'm an inked woman (which of course makes me a complete pro on all things tattoo), I've found I'm obsessed with any tattoo show. You name it, Em and I have probably watched it, from Tattoo Nightmares to Ink Master. So imagine the joy on our faces when we found Tattoo's After Dark on E4. We were completely hooked, 100% emotionally invested in every aspect of the show. It sparked many debates, such as, "Who would you want to tattoo you?", "Which of the tattooists is the most attractive?" and "Which tattoo is the most ridiculous?" (FYI my answers are Justin, Jersey and the one guy with the squirrels on his legs which are reaching for his 'nuts'.) But it's not just tattoos which appear on this show, oh no, there are piercings as well. There's a super British, super hot guy called Chris Saint who does the piercing, and my-oh-my have there been some arguments over which one of us would score him. I didn't even get into the show for piercings but now I'm inspired to get one at some point, this guy is seriously beautiful and persuasive. Lord Almighty, there isn't a single reason why I couldn't love this show, it has everything I love and more, from hot guys, amazing tattoos and super crazy Americans.

Iggy Azalea - I'm not even sorry. So I decided to have a look on the Spotify 'My Year in Music' thing in December, which shows you what you listened to the most, and it turns out I have a bit of an Iggy Azalea addiction. So much so that 6 of my top 10 songs were by her, and she was my most listened to artist in summer, autumn and winter. (Spring was Gabrielle Aplin in case you were wondering) So what is it about Iggy Azalea I love? Who knows, but god-dammit her songs are infectiously catchy. You already know (!!) I've already posted about my Fancy obsession, but I really love her whole album, New Classic, particularly Walk The Line, Don't Need Y'all, Impossible Is Nothing and Rolex. I know a lot of people can't stand her, and there's the whole stigma about her being a white-girl rapper (Just ask Azealia Banks, who seems to be insistent about how white people shouldn't rap because they don't understand how tough it is to be marginalised by society - but that's a whole other topic I'm not getting into);  but there is just something about her songs that work. It's semi-relatable I guess, plus I get to pretend I'm good at rapping, which is just shamefully embarrassing every time I get drunk.

George Ezra - This beautiful man made a beautiful album, and I'm in love with it. His style is almost nostalgic, from days gone by, like the kind of music my nan would've put on for me to dance to when I was a kid. But at the same time, it's familiar, fitting in with this one-man/one-guitar indie trend which seems to be dominating the charts at the moment. His songs and his voice are so soothing to listen to, and I can't get enough. I'm so excited that he's going to be playing Wildlife this summer, which I'm stupidly excited to be going to (Sam Smith, Disclosure, Rudimental, B. Traits and Years and Years will be there too!!). For people who haven't heard it yet, I recommend you go and listen to it, especially tracks Stand By Your Gun, Cassy O', Listen To The Man and Blame It On Me.

Ibiza Weekender - You should all have guessed by now that tacky TV shows are a way of life for me. Ibiza Weekender is no exception. It's a work of genius. Guests you'll never like, banter from the reps, and the hilarious voice over from Joe Lycett. The guests are always strange, none of the reps are particularly datable, but oh my, the drama. Who will Imogen get with? Why did Jordan have to come back? Is Sophie always so needy? Will Ben ever go out and not get too drunk? I can't get enough. I'm both desperate and completely afraid to go on holiday to Ibiza, it looks insane, but it looks like the kind of place you could catch an STD from a lamppost. Plus I recently found Deano auditioned for the X Factor which made for very hilarious and awkward viewing.
The Hunger Games Trilogy - Any uni student will know that reading for pleasure is a joy which dies during your degree, but I've forced myself to get back into it in a big way. Although I'd read the Hunger Games trilogy a while ago, I'd completely forgotten how amazing they really were, and instinctively went straight to them as a way of easing back into reading for fun. Suzanne Collins is a genius. I'm too emotionally invested in these books, they break my heart. I recently finished Catching Fire whilst on a train, and had to hold it together whilst surrounded by strangers. Personally, the books are better than the films. No disrespect to J-Law, but the books focus on more political issues and impacts on people than the love triangle of Katniss/Peeta/Gale, which makes for a much more gripping story. Go read them, you will not be disappointed.

Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime - Being a borderline alcoholic, this shouldn't surprise many people that I have cider on my addictions list. I'm fully aware how badly I'm coming across right now, and how bad cider is for you (all those empty calories!), however, it's really nice. Like, addictively nice. It's been my drink of choice this semester, whether I'm going out, or having a few drinks with the girls (or on my own, uni is stressful) in the house. I'd totally recommend! (Unless you're under 18, then don't drink. Ever. It's a poor life choice.)

I promise I won't leave it so long before I next do my addictions! I'm just so boring and busy with uni that I don't actually have the time to get crazily obsessed with anything. But fear not, my second year at uni is ending, and soon I'll have all the time in the world to blog (Minus the two weeks I'm having stateside, which trust me, you'll hear about), and I'm gonna try to up my game with this whole regular posting thing.

Much love


Who run the world....girls!

Happy International Women's Day!
Today is International Women's Day, and I thought, how better to celebrate the incredible force of sisterhood than to dedicate a post to the women who inspire and influence me the most in the world? Sorry boys, but today is all about the ladies of the world, and together we are unstoppable. We've come a long way from being unable to vote, being seen and not heard, and being undervalued and underappreciated, however, we still have a long way to go to achieve equality for not just ourselves, but for all people along the gender spectrum. This is why it is so important to me that we are able to put any differences aside on amazing days such as this, and join together to make the world a fairer and better place for all. I'm trying not to fully explode into a feminist rant (although it's just so easy!), so instead, here are a selection of wonderful women who have changed my life.
My Mum - Let's start with an obvious one. My mum is my absolute favourite person in the entire world. Sure we've had our differences in the past, and what mother and daughter doesn't argue? My mum has gone through a lot in her lifetime, but she doesn't let it define her which is why I idolise her so much. Her strength is what has kept her, my brother and I going for years, and she always comes back stronger after every set-back. Plus she's looking pretty incredible after her amazing weightloss, and I'd kill to look as good as her when I'm her age. Without my mum in my life, I wouldn't be as down-to-earth and grounded, she's been an inspirational influence in my life, and I only hope I can do as well with my kids one day.
My Nan - Again, another obvious choice. It's easy to see how well my mum turned out when you look at my Nanny, she's such an inspiration. Although she also went through some really bad times, with deaths in the family, she has managed to turn her life around in the last few years, come out much more positive and stronger than ever before, and lost so much weight she is officially no longer a diabetic! I can always rely on my Nanny to be there for me, she's a completely loving and understanding person.
Florence Welch - Florence is one of the biggest influences in my life. If you ask anyone I know, they'll tell you how obsessed I am, and how much she means to me. I first heard her music in 2009 when I was 14, and her music still gets to me even now. On the release of her second album Ceremonials in 2011, I was in a pretty bad place, but I could rely on her music to help me through. In many ways she saved me, I won't go into lots of detail here because it's pretty personal, but there's a pretty good chance I wouldn't be who I am now, or here, without Florence and the Machine. It's funny how much music can help you or shape you in your life, and I'm just glad that for me, it was the ethereal sounds of FATM. Meeting her has been a highlight of my life, they say never meet your idols because you'll get disappointed, but she was so genuinely lovely and happy to see everyone, she's such a truly lovely and kind person, inside and out.
Rosa Parks - I'll always remember the first time I learnt about her, in a history lesson when I was 12. I thought she was so brave and incredible, while the boys in the class were laughing about how silly it was, and that she should've just moved on the bus. This was one of the first times I ever felt proud of someone I'd never met, but even though I was 12, I was inspired and realised how much her actions impacted for so many. Without her courage, bravery, and complete sense of justice and self, the world we know now could be very different. We need more people in the world who are willing to make the sacrifice for others, such as Rosa Parks did. She put her freedom on the line so that others may achieve theirs.
Emma Watson - I'm still convinced her and Hermione are the same person. It's very had to distinguish where Emma stops and Hermione begins, but I suspect the very well written character by J.K Rowling plays a large hand in this. Growing up with a character such as Hermione Granger in my life played a large part as to who I am now, as her independence, determination to do well against all odds, and compassion for her friends throughout her life helped to shape me. Emma Watson is equally as wonderful, as she too displays all these characteristics. As well as all of this, her speech at the UN on feminism and He For She was inspirational. It really got to me. Her ability to always remain true to herself and her beliefs is something we should all strive for in everyday life.
Emmeline Pankhurst - Without her, and the rest of the Suffragette movement, my life would be very different. I wouldn't be able to have a say or be able to achieve anything I want to do without her brave actions. Her determination to fight for the right for women to vote has changed the world and society. Her methods may be controversial, due to her militancy, but you have to admire her passion and effectiveness, as well as her ability to make such a radical change. She inspires me in that there are no limits as to what I can achieve, and that if there is something I don't agree with, I can change it. Nothing is impossible.
There are so many women who have helped to shape who I am today, I couldn't possibly write extensively about them all. To name but a few more, BeyoncĂ©, Anne Frank, Haim, Taylor Swift, Maya Angelou, and Amy Poehler. And of course, all the women who've been there for me, including family, friends, teachers, and my boss back home in Weymouth, Sybil. Without all of them, I wouldn't be half the person I am today. 
Although today is all about women, everyone has a responsibility when it comes to equality. It's not impossible. We just need to all be more respectful and nicer to each other. So c'mon everyone, share the love! There is still so much more we need to do.
Much love