Catch-ups and Corfu...

So I've been a bit busy.
The last time I blogged, I was running around London in the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, and I haven't quite stopped running around since. I'm not one to go slowly about things, I tend to jam pack my weeks to the point where I feel a bit frazzled and need moments like right now, sitting in front of my laptop with a bar of chocolate, a cup of tea, and love island playing in the background. (I don't understand Love Island, but I'm fascinated as to how it's become such a cultural phenomenon; plus it makes me feel very relieved that I'm in a relationship and don't have to resort to such measures for love.)
One of the things I have been up to recently, is a long weekend away with my best friend Steph. I love any excuse to go on holiday, so when Steph approached me and asked if I fancied going away somewhere hot for a break, naturally I jumped at the chance. After spending a good afternoon trawling through the Internet for inspiration, it was decided that we were going to Corfu for a long weekend.
Now I'm usually the type to book everything separately but we booked an all-inclusive holiday. Everything was planned for, the food and the drinks were all taken care of, and all we had to do was turn up and crash by the pool. Our hotel even provided one nights dining at one of its exclusive restaurants, as well as a free 15 minute massage. Practically heaven. Considering how little time we really had there, and how hectic life has been recently, it was absolutely the mini-break that I needed. Steph and I even decided to part with some cash and have a longer massage, which was interesting. It was completely unlike any other massage I've ever had in my life, because for a good half of it, I felt like the masseuse was beating me up and trying to pull my limbs off. It was oddly satisfying the masseuse cracking every single vertebrae of my spine one by one. And then cracking my shoulders. And my elbows. And just about every single other joint in the top half of my body.
Despite our hotel having a bit of a weird James Bond theme (our room was in block Doctor No), the views were incredible. We were perched overlooking the sea, and it took us an embarrassingly long time to realise that the mountains we could see in the distance were actually in Albania, and not just 'around the bay' in Corfu. We also took the opportunity to go on a boat trip to Corfu Town on our last day, which included jumping off the back of the boat and swimming in one of the bays around the north of the island. This is a huge breakthrough for me, considering I have huge apprehensions about getting on boats and the unknown of the sea. It makes me feel anxious and sick, so I am ridiculously proud of myself for feeling brave enough to just get on the bloody boat, let alone jump off of it.
Then being the workaholic I am, I got back to Weymouth at 7am, napped, then went to work at 1pm. I was shattered yes, but it was totally worth it. There is much I would do in the pursuit of travel and adventure, and this is no exception.
I say this all the time, but I really do want to get back into writing blogs properly. It's quicker and easier to quickly tap out a Facebook post on the Wanderlust Hazel Facebook page, but committing to sitting down and writing about something has started to feel a bit daunting to me. I think I've just put too much pressure on myself to maintain this blog, and it's taken the opposite effect that actually, it's making me not write at all. I'm working on snapping myself out of this!
Until next time,
Much love