Another year over...

2014 has been chaos. Creative chaos. Travelling chaos. Family chaos. Friends Chaos. Just....chaos. I've typed chaos so many times that it doesn't even look like a word to me anymore, that's how chaotic it's been.

Every January 1st I wonder how the next year of my life can out-do the last, but this one has been a turning point for me in so many ways. I rent a house. I have a serious job. I have plans in motion which will determine the rest of my life. It's so crazy, and it feels as if it's been non-stop all year. I've been incredibly lucky in the sense that I've been so determined not to waste my life, so I've crammed my days with as much as they'll allow, by travelling, seeing and doing new things, and working as hard as possible so I have the best chances to make it in the world once the comfort of university is over. Currently, as of this very moment, I am exactly halfway through doing my degree at the University of Winchester, which is both exciting and extremely terrifying for me. It means that I'm going places with my life, the only little, small and *insignificant* problem is I don't know where. I've never had a natural calling in life, I've always been very relaxed about what I'm going to do in the future, but now more so than ever, I've come to realise that the 'future' is now. And I don't have that long left to make up my mind. So whereas 2014 has been the making of me as a person, I fully expect 2015 will be the year I set my sights on an ultimate life goal. And I'll achieve it.

So whilst I'm apprehensively looking forwards, it's come to that time of the year where I must look back to see how far I've come.

January - This feels as if it was forever ago. I decided uni wasn't too bad and went back for my second semester in First Year, and celebrated by cracking on with the drinking!

February - What even happened in February? I can't even remember... Probably because a lot of this month was spent playing True American with Emily, whilst being silently observed all the time...

March - March was the month my dreams came true. Whilst at a Haim gig with my housemate Emily, I was extremely fortunate to bump into Florence Welch outside! Anyone who knows me will know that Florence and the Machine are a huge part of my musical life, providing inspiration in dark times of my life. Meeting Florence was one of my ultimate highlights of the year. March was also the month of drunk, with St. Patricks Day and the infamous tequila night happening (all in the same week might I add). This month was rounded off by a trip to Marwell Zoo with two of my housemates, Emily and Abby, which completely satisfied my childish heart.

April - April shall forever be etched into my heart as the month I fell over in the Student Union whilst escaping from someone. We celebrated the end (almost) of our first year of uni by doing what we do best, getting very drunk. It was a beautiful day with beautiful people, with the creation of many beautiful memories (and some very embarrassing photos.)

May - Ah May, the month I officially moved out of uni halls, completely drunk, holding onto my seamonkey's for dear life. It was the end of the first chapter of my new independent life, which was rounded off in true uni style - getting blind drunk and awkwardly embarrassing encounters with all the people I made friends with in First Year.  

June - I started this blog! I decided that it was time the people of the world should realise how crazy I am, and write about all the weird and random things in my life. It seems to be going well, despite my laziness with regular posting. Emily also came to visit me in Weymouth which was awesome. 

July - The first girly holiday! I've been abroad without my family before, but that was always in the safe hands of teachers with a school trip. This holiday to Gran Canaria was organised by my friend Sophie, and it was the first time I was in charge, not my family, not a teacher. It was amazing, and completely memorable! July was also the month I began renting the house in Winchester, another monumental moment on the adulthood timeline.

August - Well for a start I cut most of my hair off. I spent the majority of August working and travelling between Winchester and Weymouth to sort my room at the house out. Ice Bucket Challenge mania consumed the world (and yes I joined in), and I became completely obsessed with Game Of Thrones - my life hasn't been the same since. I also went to Devon with my family at the end of the month, which was lovely, and probably the last time we go away together because my brother and I are getting too old. Getting old sucks.

September - I officially moved into the house in Winchester, got a job there, went to Belfast and got a tattoo. All within a week. What can I say, I don't waste time!

October - I turned the grand old age of 20!

November - November was spent mostly working, drinking, seeing Twin Atlantic and smashing my phone screen. Not to worry, I replaced it within 24 hours. I also went home for the first time since September, which was so lovely. Plus the dog died in Downton Abbey, which was such an emotional rollercoaster for me...

December - Ah December. I remember it as it were yesterday... Finished up my first half of Second Year at uni with a presentation on The Hunger Games, completely embraced the joy of Christmas, worked, then went back to Weymouth for just over a week to spend much needed time with my family. I hope I get to spend more time with them next year.

I can't wait to find out what next year will bring. I've got so many exciting things lined up, including going to see The Script, Charli XCX and Twin Atlantic again, Michael McIntyre in October, My 21st Birthday, and two weeks in Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/surrounding area in April as part of my degree. It's going to be amazing.
Happy New Year my lovelies, I hope 2015 is absolutely bloody spectacular for you all.
Much love