The New Year Cliche...

To embellish the words of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, 'Another, quite frankly crappy, year over, and a new ones just begun'. Whilst we find ourselves looking back in despair and looking forwards in hope, it is also that magical time of year when you cannot escape those sickening words, "New Year New Me!"  
I usually laugh in the face of this shallow statement, thinking that it's just a flimsy excuse to pretend to start over. It's a phrase people use to excuse their behaviours in a bid to change, but from experience, this change never lasts into February. However, this year, "New Year New Me!" seems to pouring out of me like the cliche it is. 
I start 2017 a fully renewed member of the singleton club. I'm refusing to get Tinder (Seriously, if you lived where I do, you'd understand), and considering my social life never really took off, I'm now expecting a rapid decline into the life of spinsterhood.
Add to this situation the fact that I've spent the last few months stuck in a bit of a rut, and you see my problem. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Frankly, it's tedious. I needed something to keep me busy, so I turned to my best frenemy; biscuits and other delicious delights. It's making me gain weight like crazy as I to-and-fro through the conundrum of "am I eating because I'm hungry, or am I eating because I'm bored?", and I think it's a fair assumption that it's certainly the latter. I have always had a very unhealthy relationship with food. It's love/hate really. I love to eat, but I hate the way I feel when I know how much and how bad it is I've eaten.
This leads on to my "New Year New Me!" dilemma. I've known for some time that this has to change, but I have been making excuses for my behaviour (it's my birthday! It's cold outside! It's Christmas! I've earned it!), and these excuses are running out. Add to this the horrifying realisation that I am in fact an adult now, I am in full control of my actions, and I'm not getting any younger. This is a now or never moment. Either I change my mind-set towards food, or be forever stuck in my slightly podgy and unhappy state.
I'm flipping the sorry state my life has become on it's head. I'm changing completely. I owe this to myself, and quite honestly, I have done for a long time. And if not now, when? Probably never if we're being real.
2017 - bring it on.
Much Love