Raining cats and dogs...

It's an age-old 'getting to know you' question; are you more of a cat person or a dog person?

I've always assumed I'm a dog person, but last week I went to a Cat Café and fell in love. For those of you are wondering what on earth I'm on about, it's quite literally a café with cats running around the place. I went to Pause Cat Café in Bournemouth with my boyfriend James, and my friends Russ and Abbie, and it's a really wonderful place. They take in and look after rescue cats, and the money raised goes on looking after them, such as vet bills and feeding them. Plus they get to be surrounded by people who just want to play with and love them, which is great for the cats. The café is built entirely with the cats in mind, with lots of places for them to play, such as bridges and raised beds and millions of cat toys.
(My latte had cat inspired art on it, which I'm eager to replicate)
I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about it, how can a place like that be hygienically serving food?? Well all of the food and drinks are prepared in areas where the cats aren't allowed, and then presented in sealed containers so that the cats cannot get to them.
So after a day being swayed over into the cat-person club, I ended up spending the following day at a dog show! I went to a fayre just outside of Portesham, Dorset, with my mum and our dog Nelson. We also met up with my best friend Lisa and her dog Nika. In true British style, it was tipping down with rain, but that didn't stop us. We decided to enter our dogs into a couple of categories just to see what would happen, and we both ended up leaving with rosettes. Lisa and her dog Nika won a prize in the 'most adorable eyes' category, and my dog Nelson won the 'best rescue dog' category, which qualified him into another dog show later this month. Even more surprisingly, Nelson had made it into the 'best in show' category. He didn't place, which was absolutely no shock to us, especially as he was rolling around and kicking up all the grass as the judges were coming around.
(My mum and Nelson and Lisa with Nika competing in the pouring rain)
(Our gorgeous dogs with their rosettes)
It was such a brilliant way to spend my weekend off, surrounded by animals and brilliant people. Both days were so much fun (even if the cat cafe was definitely the most dry - and seriously, what the hell has happened to our summer?!) Plus to top it all off, there was also a great night out with Lisa in the middle. So here's to more random weekend plans!
(Me and Lisa, ready to hit Weymouth town)
Much love