Friday, 29 July 2016

The almighty return of the blogger...

Honey, I'm home!
Oh dear, it seems I've been seriously neglecting this blog - big time. I could feed you all the usual rubbish about how I've been too busy working and studying and what-not, or I could just acknowledge that I am a terrible person who cannot seem to be consistent or manage to persevere at anything. Whatever excuse you believe, I am sorry I haven't found the motivation to blog since the 1st of January, and rather unsurprisingly, an awful lot has happened. To name but a few, I wrote an entire dissertation, finished university, moved back to Weymouth.... oh the list goes on. I've also just got back from a really incredible week away in Rome, which you can expect to hear all about soon.

I've decided it's time to throw myself back into blogging. I feel like I have a lot I want to say about a million different subjects, and I have chosen you poor people as my audience. So expect to hear more things from me very soon, and I promise I'll try not to leave you all in a state of abandonment again!

Also, here's my face in case you've forgotten...

Much love